What to expect from Acupuncture?


During your first visit Richard Jiang will assess all aspects of your health.


Details of your medical, surgical and family history and other relevant information such as exercise habits and occupation are collected.


A general physical examination is conducted and the tongue and pulse are studied.


This allows an overall assessent of your health and any current disorder and gives an understanding of its cause. Richard can then give you a general idea of how many treatments are required.


In general, visits occur once or twice a week over several months until therapeutic results are achieved. The number and frequency of treatments depends on several factors including the duration and intensity of your disorder, your age, constitution and individual circumstances.


While the needles can feel uncomfortable at times, they rarely hurt. They are very thin (only about three times the thickness of a human hair and much finer than the hypodermic needles used to give injections) and are designed to enter the skin with little resistance. Once the needles are inserted (generally from one to 12 are used), Richard may twist them manually to increase the energy flow.


The needles may be left in for 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the ailment.


Different people experience different sensations from acupuncture. Some describe a tingling pins-and-needles feeling, others may feel numbness or nothing at all. Most find the sessions relaxing, and many fall asleep during or immediately after treatment.


Some patients notice rapid improvement after just a few sessions. In those whose conditions have taken years to develop, treatment may take longer.


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